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We help you grow in international markets by helping you find bid opportunities with foreign federal, state and municipal governments.

The Global Bid Opportunity Finder (GBOF) is an online tool funded by the Government of Canada that enables Canadian businesses to discover opportunities to grow into and expand in international markets.  

Whatever your product, service or solution, this easy-to-use tool aggregates business opportunities from over 30 government procurement sources in 200 jurisdictions so you can discover new tender requests by federal, state and municipal governments around the world. 


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Narrow your searches

GBOF allows you to narrow your searches by tender status, bid source, sectors, geographic location, notice type and close date. Save preferred search parameters so you can easily repeat searches as new opportunities open. You can also use industry specific terms to search for business opportunities. 

Engage with world markets 

Wherever the opportunity is, the tool will automatically translate opportunity titles in both official languages.

Save and share tenders

Tag opportunities that you are considering pursuing so you can quickly find them the next time you log into the tool. Share tenders with others via email.

Set up Email alerts

After saving your search filters, opt to receive daily or weekly email notifications of new opportunities.

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About Canadian Commercial Corporation

We are Canada’s commercial contracting agency and we are committed to helping Canadians sell their products, services and solutions to federal, state or municipal governments around the world.

In addition to our Global Bid Opportunity Finder, we help Canadian businesses sell their made-in-Canada solutions to foreign governments for public sector needs. We are also the official channel for Canadians to sell to the U.S. military

Contact us if you have an opportunity to sell to a foreign government where you need the Government of Canada to advocate for you.

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